Far becomes near, Steep becomes level, Hard becomes easy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We were riding our Electric Bamboo Bikes that we use everyday.They are so easy to ride and so practical that we hardly ever get the car out for daily trips around Point Loma, San Diego. We were running errands  along the shore line near Liberty Station on a beautiful SoCal day. We were only out about an hour, but everyone we passed stopped us to take a look at our bikes. Everyone was fascinated by their looks and one guy, who was just putting his kids in the car, couldn’t take his eyes off them, He struck up a conversation, asking about the bikes. So I asked ‘would you like to try riding one’ He was thrilled and really impressed by the smooth performance and ease of riding it. He was hooked, and we are now building his bike to his unique specifications. Don’t you want to make a statement too? 
Everyone loves the FREEFALL Cross Trail [left]
Bamboo Frame
Electric Mid Drive

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