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Monday, July 7, 2014


Here in San Diego we have a July4th Big Bay Boom firework display and we have LOTS of tourists. Put them together and you have GRIDLOCK around the bay and beach areas. I watched the fireworks from a sailboat anchored out in the bay just about in the middle of the pic - and it was a shock and awe experience !
We felt every snap, crackle and BANG

It is in the summer months [ and they go all the way to November here in SoCal] that your car turns from an asset to a liability . There is nowhere to park in summer ! I took my Freefall Cross Trail Electric bike down to the bay, bypassed the traffic, the parking space hunters and the parking ticket officers out in force. I arrived on time and unstressed. I locked the bike to a stand and unlocked the batterypack and took it with me in my backpack. It weighs  5 lbs but its better than having it stolen - Yes even in this fair city, there are people with no concience about taking anything that is not nailed or bolted down .
This is one reason why we installed the anti theft GPS tracker on all our bamboo bikes -
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