Far becomes near, Steep becomes level, Hard becomes easy.

Bamboo Details

Why bamboo? 

It’s 100% natural, thrives in diverse climates, grows up to a whopping 39 inches per day and is super-strong; why isn’t bamboo already used more often as a structural material? 
While bamboo structures have long been common in Asia and the South Pacific, they’re only just gaining prominence in the rest of the world. A natural, self sustaining resorse, bamboo poles can be harvested without killing the parent plant. The species is very hardy and drought tolerant, making it an excellent cash crop in developing countries.

Mosso black specked Bambo

By importing  the best Tonkin & Mosso Bamboo from Vietnam, 
we can prove just how strong, 
eco-friendly and visually pleasing
 this perennial evergreen grass can be.
All our bamboo is dried and heat treated 
to guard against fungi and splitting 

Our Bamboo bike frames are hand built to capture the strength and beauty of natural bamboo. With a tensile strength/mass value  greater than steel, we design our frames with internal double butted joints reinforced with carbon fiber & epoxy composite. Our frames are lighter than Steel & Aluminium, more resilient than Titanium.
They can be tailored to your exact requirements for comfort & the best riding experience.
The result is a lightweight, supple bike frame that gives a smooth ride and the look of a work of art.

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