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Mid Drive

We are now at the coming of age of the E Bike.  It is important to understand the technical advances thet are incorporated into our designs.

 The first generation of E Bikes were just adaptations of existing bike technology. The easiest way to add an electric drive was to use a direct drive hub motor. These were cheap to produce, and easy to fit to existing frame designs. The major problems are twofold. Firstly the motor is built in to the wheel hub making the rotational mass relatively heavy, adversely affecting stability and braking. Secondly, the motor cannot take advantage of the deraillier gearsets that make cycling so efficient. It is as if you have only one gear on your car, either low for hills or high for highway cruising. This is very inefficient application for electric motors, causing overheating and premature failure.
Bike designers tried to combat this problem by using more powerful motors. The problem is that they are heavier in construction and also require larger batteries to give adequate performance. Hence, the Bike frames needed to be stronger & heavier and soon E Bikes weighed over 65lbs.
Try lifting a Pedago E bike and you will see where this philosophy gets to.

At Electric Bamboo Bike Company we have a different design Philosophy: Lightweight & Energy Efficient.

Mid Drive motor 350 Watt 

The Mid Drive unit is manufactured from lightweight Alloy and is incorporated into the frame's bottom bracket where it drives the chainwheel.
The Motor is electronically controlled by a cadence algorithm that senses when effort is applied to the pedals. Thus it  has a true "Pedal Assist " mode that allows the rider greater control and extended range from the battery pack.
The "manual overide" thumbswitch allows for effortless short hop journeys & fast acceleration.
For maximum rideability and extended range, the motor drives via the deraillier gearset giving a wide range of gearing to deal with real world cycling. Choose from 4 low ratio gears for effortless hill climbing, or from 4 high ratio gears for fast smooth cruising. The 350 watt motor will do the rest, giving the best balance of performance and range for enjoyable cycling.

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