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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Theres nothing [quite] new under the sun...

For everyone[including myself] who thought that we are so eco-minded and think outside the box, heres a bamboo Bike, or bicycle as the British like to say, that was being manufactured in 1898 - yes, over 100 years ago.
In Victorian England there were two things happening, the industrial revolution had spurred invention on a massive scale, and the Empire was bringing new materials back to England. Bamboo was a novelty then and like so many things, ahead of its time. The glowing endorsement by a magazine, 'The Cyclist',
"Most luxurious to ride, the bamboo carrying off the usual small metallic            vibrations in a most marked way"
is as true today as it was 120 years ago. The suppleness of the bamboo frame gives a truely smooth enjoyable ride over the worst surfaces.

Of course, we at the ELECTRIC BAMBOO BIKE CO do have a few new things that would have impressed the Victorian inventor. A 36 volt mid drive motor with lithium batterypack, and GPS Tracker alarm systems that will text your smart phone if someone tries to take your beloved Bamboo Bike. And talking of Smart phones, you can even recharge your phone from the onboard batterypack, perfect for those longer MP3 music infused, GPS routed rides when you just had to Tweet someone.
"Gad Sir , I believe the Master is feeling a little faint..." 

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  1. What a spiffing idea. Love this bike and all the extras but I really need to know... does it make Tea?